• Metal Packaging

    Equipment for the production of monobloc containers made of aluminium or steel – customized and future-proofed.

  • Plastic Containers

    Decoration systems for plastic containers in (almost) all shapes and sizes – flexible and innovative.

  • Plastic Tubes

    Printing systems for plastic tubes in all variations and up to nine colours – extremely fast and versatile.

  • Printing Presses

    Rotation printing presses for newspapers and books – fast, very accurate and economical.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital large-format printers for almost all roll and plate materials – versatile and luminous.

  • Coating & Laminating

    Coating and laminating machines for paper, plastic and aluminium films and foils – high quality and efficient. 

Pilot Plants

For driving innovation and exploring new business opportunities

The wifag//polytype technology centers are a shared workplace where customers and our engineers work together to further develop converting or printing processes or to optimize customized applications.

Customers can greatly benefit from joint feasibility studies designed to support investment decisions, from the development and optimization of product formulations, scaling-up from laboratory and pilot phases to series production or from the validation of new designs and the related staff training.

Our personnel is passionate about experimenting and is oriented to find practical solutions.

Make use of this unique opportunity on a project basis.

Customer Benefits:

  • Proven new production methods or processes
  • Testing without disturbance of regular production
  • Addtional expert know how for faster solution finding process   

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