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poly//topics 03 / 2015

14.08.2015 - Please download the latest edition of the //polytype customer magazine “polytopics 03 / 2015”.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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polytopics deutsch

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is visiting mall//herlan

26.06.2015 - Dr. Thomas Herlan and students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who specialise in forming, recently visited mall//herlan.

They gained insight into the industrial practise of the metal forming technology in the impact extrusion (IE) process and the draw and wall ironing (DWI) method for the production of one-piece cans, tubes and bottles from aluminium and steel.

mall//herlan offers positions to students who intend to do a Master-Thesis in the area of forming. One of the current research topics concerns the optimisation of deep drawing and ironing processes in theory and practice.

Polytopics 14 / 2015

23.06.2015 - Please download of latest edition of the //polytype customer magazine “polytopics 14 / 2015”.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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polytopics deutsch

polytopics français

Thanks for visiting us at Cannex 2015, Guangzhou, China

12.06.2015 - A distinguished Canmaker Exhibition such as "Cannex" was precisely the right place for innovative approaches and ideas! It was a real pleasure meeting the decision-makers of our international customers.

International Can, Luxembourg, commissions mall//herlan aerosol can line, the most modern of its kind in the world

21.05.2015 - Dr. Rolf Giesen, president and main shareholder of International Can and the Maxim Group, initiated the start of production of a new aerosol can production at the site of Echternach, Luxembourg.

The first step was to install Mall + Herlan`s (Germany) production line „Canmatic“, which manufactures aluminium monoblock cans for aerosol products with an output of more than 12.000 cans per hour and therefore manages to produce an annual capacity of more than 60 millions of cans.

The line, which is equipped with a 9-colour printing unit, is able to manufacture embossed moulded cans and is considered one of the most advanced lines in the world of metal packaging.

As a special feature, the 100-meter turnkey line of mall//herlan includes the most advanced ironing machine MHI+, which reduces the weight of a can by decreasing its wall thickness. In 2016, a second aerosol can line will be installed. The annual output of the first line is to the greatest possible extent planned for the aerosol production of the Maxim Group.


International Can S.A. is a production company for aluminium cans and a subsidiary of the Maxim Holding. The production is based in Luxembourg at the site of Cosmolux S.A. The Maxim Group, which was founded about 24 years ago, produces and distributes its own brands, such as e.g. „Miro“, „Kaloderma“, „Soiree“, as trademarks for long-standing partners in the discount and drugstore market, such as Aldi-Germany, Aldi-International, dm, Carrefour, Leclerc and much more. The Maxim Group’s website also refers to companies such as Berlin Cosmetics, Cosmolux Germany and International S.A., Elysée Cosmétiques and Pharma Aldenhoven.

Michael Steggemann named new Head of Sales Digital Printing

20.03.2015 - Fribourg/CH and Hamburg/D - WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG (Fribourg, Switzerland) is strengthening its sales team once again: Michael Steggemann (42) has been Head of Sales Digital Printing since March 1, 2015. As such, he is in charge of marketing innovative digital printing solutions made by the Swiss manufacturer.

Steggemann's regular place of work is at the German subsidiary WIFAG-Polytype GmbH (Hamburg). From there, he attends mostly to the needs of customers in the flexible packaging segment of the market. Steggemann was a much-sought-after discussion partner already at the wifag//polytype stand at the ICE Europe in Munich. That is because the solutions of this Swiss manufacturer precisely meet the needs of packaging printing.


Many producers are just waiting for intelligent solutions that allow them to respond economically to the trend toward smaller runs for flexible packaging. Two major pluses of WIFAG-Polytype are the food compatibility it offers for its water-based inkjet digital printing solutions and the extensive expertise it has in developing individual, cost-effective paint and primer solutions.


Michael Steggemann has more than 13 years of experience in selling machines and semi-consumables for flexography. He worked for the Flint Group and for more than seven years for Bobst, among others.


Ernst Meier, Head of Sales at WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG:

"Michael Steggemann brings with him the ideal combination of a technical background and market expertise. That means he can draw on the unique possibilities at wifag//polytype to implement successful applications in collaboration with the customers and with the development teams in Fribourg, Switzerland and Hamburg, Germany."

Polyflex technology from //polytype makes its North American Debut in March at the NPE trade fair

16.02.2015 - This revolutionary printing technology is now available for decorating larger round cups up to 185 mm in diameter (BDM 682), together with square and oval cups (BDM 301R).

Polyflex technology is a ground breaking development made possible by combining two proven technologies into one cutting edge platform. By combining Indirect Flexographic Transfer technology into a short color-head dryoffset platform, Polyflex is a reality. This combination gives the advantages of both technologies in a single machine, providing a consistent ink transfer for the decoration of rigid plastic containers that is more stable, with predictability and repeatability that was not possible before. The technology begins with a laser engraved anilox roller; followed by the elimination of the traditional rubber rollers normally found in the colorhead which in turn minimizes the challenges of the rubber blanket when printing on tapered surfaces with varying surface speeds.

Above all, this printing unit is characterized by clear advantages in the following three areas:

  • Change-over times: As the system has an open ink fountain with just one anilox roller and one ink transfer cylinder, the ink change can be made in a matter of minutes on the entire printing unit. The ink flow is also realized rapidly, which means time is drastically reduced when starting up as well as a minimum amount of setup containers to achive a perfect color match.
  • Printing quality: The ink transfer can also be optimized as the ink flow via the anilox roller is very stable, which subsequently minimizes dot gain. As the inks used in this printing method have a slightly increased fluidity, the result is a glossy finish that almost appears as if lacquer has been applied.
  • Print stability: In addition to the stability of the ink flow from the anilox roller as previously mentioned, adjustment of the ink flow on the printing unit is no longer necessary making it possible to minimize operator influence by removing ink adjusting keys and dab rollers. The inking units are also driven by a separate servo motor and the temperature of each individual inking unit is controlled. This then offers the best conditions for a high level of print stability.

One of the important elements of this technology is that details surrounding settings from job specific areas are saved into the machine memory allowing for complete repeat with 100% accuracy. In addition to the benefits listed above, this also means that a high level of responsiveness in reproduction is also a significant advantage when using this technology.

Please also note the following: 
Printing plate material > same as in standard dry offset printing
Reproduction > adjusted to this ­process
Inking > independent ink System

Interested? We would be happy to provide you with more information on this outstanding printing technology personally.

Come and visit us at NPE 2015 in Orlando FL / USA, 23. -27.03.2015 - Booth 5173!

Polytype SA

The world first one-piece piston steel-can

27.01.2015 - Inventor seeks manufacturer


Great interest was aroused at the first worldwide presentation of the  one-piece steel piston-can that Zima Systems GmbH and mall//herlan presented at the “Innovationsmesse” on Friday, January 23, 2015,  under the auspices of the Steinbeis-Stiftung and IHK Stuttgart.


Lean management and quick transfer-technology  -  the process of innovation which accelerates and therefore, instigates and effects positive movement and further development in this production-area  -  was the targeted goal of PsP “Products seeks manufacturer”, aimed at seeking and finding the appropriate manufacturers.  The exhibitors consisted of established companies, universities, research facilities and inventors.


In his welcoming speech, the deputy Minister-President and Minister of Treasury and Economics in Baden Württemberg, Dr. Nils Schmidt MdL, stressed the importance of establishing new innovations for existing corporations as well as for our country.


Dr. Wilhelm Peters from Steinbeis Transferzentrum explained the advantages of the one-piece piston steel-can to Claus Paal MdL and Speaker for Industry and Trade in the CDU Party and Prof. Dr. Michael Auer, Chairman of the Board, Steinbeis-Foundation, and Dr. Bertram Kandziora, President, IHK Stuttgart.

Tube of the year 2014 awarded to Polytype

16.01.2015 - Fribourg /Switzerland, January 14, 2015 - For the second year in a row, //polytype is the proud recipient of the North American Tube Council’s “Tube of the Year Award” in the category “Best innovative component or process”. While the Linearis machine won in 2013, the capabilities of the RDA 24-165 Hybrid were able to convince the 2014 panel of judges.

The innovation shown on this tube is the capability to combine the benefits of two printing methods. On one side there is dry offset printing with the benefits to create sharp lettering, to realize good and homogenous surfaces with low ink cost per tube (dry-offset ink is 4 times less expensive than ink-jet ink) and the possibility to use Pantone colours as required for brand logos. Shown on this tube, all text is printed in dry-offset and the colours of the //polytype and Pro6 logos are made with Pantone inks. Simple graphics on a large surface, like the fire pattern, are also made in dry-offset.


On the other side, there is the ink-jet printing with its own benefits: the easy realisation of colourful, photorealistic prints like the ice princess shown on the tube. There is also the possibility to make personalized tubes, each one with a different design.


Even to make something which was not conceivable until today now becomes possible: printing on tubes and closures in one run and thus increasing the product marketing surface.


The combination of these two printing methods brings also a benefit in change-over time, meaning that difficult sections will be made in digital, easy sections in dry-offset.


This entire decoration was created on the RDA 24-165 Hybrid machine from //polytype, with up to 6 ink-jet printing colours and up to 8 dry-offset colours. The decoration speed of this machine is typically 165 tubes/min, but depends on diameter and printing length of the ink-jet design.

Swiss converting solutions now provided by WIFAG-Polytype Technologies

06.01.2015 - High-tech coating and laminating technology in Switzerland now has a new name: Polytype Converting AG – the globally renowned solutions provider based in Fribourg (Switzerland) – was incorporated into WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG on January 1, 2015. With this step, the wifag//polytype corporate group has completed the integration of its Coating & Laminating and Printing & Drying/Moisturizing divisions. For customers, this now means unique process expertise is available from a single source.

Fribourg/CH, 05.01.2015 - The sales team at WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG also welcomed a new addition at the start of 2015. With many years of experience in sales management and converting, 47-year-old Pablo Bagiella made the switch from Kroenert BMB to wifag//polytype in Fribourg.

Pablo Bagiella now has a unique portfolio of development expertise at his disposal. WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG not only represents high-quality Swiss mechanical engineering, but also offers virtually unlimited possibilities thanks to in-house digital and control technology and development skills for all common substrates (inks, lacquers, primers and functional layers). The in-depth process knowledge of the integrated technology company allows for tailored solutions to be realized from the outset.

The next step
Since WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG was established on July 1, 2014 through the renaming of the renowned printing press manufacturer WIFAG Maschinenfabrik AG and the integration of the dryer specialist Pagendarm (Hamburg), additional focal points have been added to the portfolio. Thanks to the cross-divisional Digital and Automation Competence Centers, wifag//polytype customers can already benefit from trendsetting possibilities.

The development team comprised of around a dozen chemists and process engineers who switched from Ilford to wifag//polytype plays an increasingly important role in the new wifag//polytype portfolio, as does the greatly expanded in-house technical center at wifag//Polytype.
Customers can now incorporate four highly flexible test systems in their R&D process here. The Techma-3 or FlexCo (flexible coating) line allows for the finest possible grading when applying the coating and during speed and dryer control, for example. With the Techma-4, wifag//polytype has also been able to implement digital inkjet printing on foils or aluminum surfaces. This technological breakthroughfrom the Swiss printing and converting specialists has generated a lot of interest, particularly in the flexible packaging branch.

In recent months, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG has also undergone a restructuring process and now focuses increasingly on customers and projects. More than ever before, a network of carefully selected partners is helping to offer technology “made in Switzerland” and “made in Europe” at competitive prices.

Ernst Meier, Head of Sales Coating Solutions, on the reorganization: “We at wifag//polytype offer our customers real added value through close cooperation between our machine developers and the control and digital printing specialists, not to mention chemists and process engineers. The customers expect technological concepts that guarantee a stable industrial process. Anyone who is able to offer all of the required solution expertise from a single source will reach this goal with much greater speed and reliability.”

Visit us at ICE USA and ICE Europe
The new converter options will also be the focal point at the WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG stand at ICE USA in Orlando, Florida and ICE Europe in Munich, Germany.

From February 10 to 12, 2015, the company will be presenting its latest innovations at stand 1000 at the OCCC in Orlando. Exactly one month later from March 10 to 12, 2015, wifag//polytype will also be on hand at stand 412 in hall A6 of the Munich Trade Fair Centre.



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18.11.2014 - Latest edition of the //polytype customer magazine “polytopics 02 / 2014” polytopics english polytopics Deutsch

Latest edition of the //polytype customer magazine “polytopics 02 / 2014”


polytopics english

polytopics Deutsch

wifag//polytype Evolution

27.10.2014 - Latest edition of the WIFAG-Polytype magazine "evolution"

It was a logical and evolutionary step for wifag//polytype to merge its printing, coating and converting activities, together with digital printing, under the umbrella of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG.

It is thus entirely appropriate that WIFAG's customer magazine has already borne the name "evolution" for several decades. We have also constantly updated "evolution" and the latest edition, hot off the press, reflects the full range of the portfolio of the new WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG.

Portraits of innovative users such as Constantia Patz show how investing in our company's technology enables extremely cost-efficient production and, at the same time, helps to open up new markets. Readers are also informed all about WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG and the expansion of our location in Hamburg.

This edition of "evolution" provides an insight into our Technology Center, where our single pass roll-to-roll machine "Techma-4" enables us to carry out pilot projects using water-based ink-jet printing on plastic and aluminum foils. We also introduce our new business area "Inks & Materials", which can make a decisive contribution to economic inkjet printing on an industrial scale, as well as an OEM project in which our digital technology enables individual coating of large-format printed sheets.

Interested? Then please request the printed version here: technologies@remove-this.wifag-polytype.com

or download as PDF:

Download -> evolution 2014 english

Download -> evolution 2014 deutsch

Close to you: Ahmet Bilge

15.09.2014 - Your lines run continuously but you still have the feeling that there should be possibilities to improve quality and output? You look for possibilities to optimize your production lines? We have extended our customer service in order to offer you an individual consulting directly at your site.

With Ahmet Bilge, our new Sales Manager Customer Service, we have found an expert with more than 20 years experience in the field of metal packaging. Maybe you know him already from his last position with Mall Herlan Switzerland AG. We are happy to welcome him in our customer service team.

Individual consulting and the direct contact to the customer will be the focus of his work. He will be happy to look at the machines and lines on site as well as to discuss technical solutions with you.

If you have any questions or tasks concerning your machines or lines with regard to technical maintenance, upgrades, refurbishments or application services Ahmet Bilge will be the right person to contact.

Take the chance and get in contact with him directly:

Mr. Ahmet Bilge
Sales Manager Customer Service

Tel.: +49 721 94601 38
Email: Ahmet.Bilge@remove-this.mall-herlan.com

wifag//polytype goes digital

27.08.2014 - Fribourg / Switzerland – 27.08.2014 - WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG (Fribourg / Switzerland) will meet with the key partners from the newspaper printing industry on their booth 11.520 at the World Publishing Expo 2014 from 13 to 15 October in Amsterdam.

Under the motto “wifag//polytype goes digital” visitors will learn more about our range of digital and automation possibilities as well as customized service solutions.


WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG is offering:

  • complete and individual solutions for digital inkjet printing;
  • rebuilds and automation of printing machines;
  • excellent service throughout the entire lifecycle of printing systems.

The wifag//polytype Group is one of the broadest and most flexible technology companies today in the printing, packaging, converting and coating industry. Digital Printing was expanded from a group business area to the new Digital Competence Center (the DCC) last year.


In 2014 wifag//polytype Group has merged all activities of printing, coating and converting of flexible materials under the roof of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, the renamed former WIFAG Maschinenfabrik AG.

The DCC and our Automation Competence Center (ACC), located in Fribourg / Switzerland, are key parts of the joint knowledge base of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies. Renamed WIFAG-Polytype GmbH, the former Pagendarm BTT GmbH, in Hamburg / Germany now serves with a lot of newly acquired automation experts as an additional Automation Competence Center for Germany and Northern Europe.


At WPE customers can discover why automation is important today and will remain so in the future. The Swiss machinery manufacturer has developed a consistent modular approach to automation, both for new machines and for retrofit packages. It makes machines more efficient and easier to maintain while also enabling them to be more productive automatically.


In Amsterdam customers also can get an insight why WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG is the technology leader in innovative digital printing. The Swiss company's competences include their own CALMAR printing system, easy to integrate into existing systems and supporting print heads of Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Fujifilm Dimatix, Xaar, Ricoh and others. The competences now also include chemical competence in the development of ink, primer and functional layers. This enables WIFAG-Polytype Technologies to offer complete inkjet printing solutions for any kind of applications that are second to none.


Welcome to our booth 11.520 at the WPE in Amsterdam.



WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG offers a broad basis for new developments in newspaper printing

19.08.2014 - At the //wifag users Meeting (June 26-27,2014), there was a clear focus on looking forward: Representatives of newspaper printers from Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland learned about the range of technical opportunities for newspaper production that are arising from //wifag's reorganization.

The host of this year's meeting was Ringier Print Adligenswil AG, near Lucerne, one of the largest newspaper printing facilities in Switzerland. In addition to daily newspapers (Blick, Neue Luzerner Zeitung), customer newsletters for Migros and Coop and a number of trade, party, church and special interest newspapers are produced here. Ringier Print Adligenswil last modernized its machinery with WIFAG Evolution 371 rotations in 2009.


Where is the future of newspaper printing? – That was the central question of the two-day event, which included a mix of presentations and company tours as well as ample time to network, including during a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne.


However, attendees were mainly interested in the increasing technological breadth of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, where digital printing, coating and laminating was recently merged with the rotation machines area. Thanks to its proprietary expertise in the areas of software, print head control, web threading and drying as well as inks and materials, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG can now offer a complete range of both traditional and digital production solutions. And such solutions should, emphasized CEO Jörgen Karlsson, be devised in collaboration with customers.


On the first day of the event, participants at the user meeting following the welcome by Kurt Hegele (CEO of Ringier Print) and Hugo Haymoz (Head of Customer Services //wifag) were able to learn more about Ringier Print Adligenswil .
Bernd Zipper (CEO of Zipcon Consulting) then looked ahead to the year 2030 in his presentation. How will newspapers change? Will people even read newspapers in the future? The increasing online presence of media already makes reading newspapers seem old fashioned. "However, there will always be a justification for newspapers, especially thanks to the flexible printing options of inkjet printing," said Zipper. One observation is that the trend toward personalization and individualization continues to move forward – i.e., customers can put together their own newspapers and tailor them to their personal preferences. More business news or a more detailed look at sports are just some of the many possibilities. Visually-impaired people can set their newspaper to large-print mode, rendering the cumbersome task of using a magnifying glass unnecessary. Zipper urged people to change their thinking and added: "Take advantage of the new digital printing technology and come up with new ideas for making newspapers more attractive."


Hugo Haymoz opened the second day of the meeting with information about the new organization of the service area. All of the service areas of the former WIFAG Maschinenfabrik AG, Polytype Converting AG and the Digital Printing business area of Polytype AG have been merged into WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG. The aim of this merger is to promote the transfer of knowledge of the respective technologies (offset, digital, converting) in order to be able to utilize a broader resource basis. As Haymoz emphasized, "All contacts, services and products will remain the same. Service agreements and contracts will also be taken over and continued unchanged."


Next, Pascal Clemencon (Technical Sales) introduced the results of the "gloss coating for newspapers" trial series. In these trials, the coating was rolled over an anilox roller onto the printed newsprint in the conventional manner.
However, because of the raw structure of the paper the coating flows into the "valleys" and from an angle of approx. 60 degrees the coating effects disappears completely behind the "hills". As a result, this process is not suited for producing high-quality gloss. At most, it helps with the abrasion protection of the printing ink.


Carsten Salomo (Digital Competence Center project manager) then showed an alternative option for coating using digital printing technology. Even spot coating is now possible with inkjet printing. //wifag already provides the corresponding print modules with print head control and color provision for Steinemann AG. "Thus, a module can also be integrated seamlessly into newspaper rotation machines," said Salomo, who also provided an overview of the current state of technology with regard to inkjet printing. In particular, the personalization of newspapers, as Bernd Zipper discussed, will require more flexible printing processes. For example, the same newspaper run can include text that remains the same (offset printing) and personalized content, such as horoscopes, specific articles, addresses, etc. (digital printing). 


Rolf Mani (Head of Automation) then discussed the numerous retrofit projects for newspaper printing machines that have been underway over the past several months. For example, new drive retrofits have been installed for roll changers, draw rollers and satellites around the world.
In addition, color register controls, cutting position controls, expanders, etc. have been integrated into the existing equipment. With the "Alpina" control panel and the development of a proprietary color thickness regulator, further important steps toward the automation of newspaper printing have been taken.


In conclusion, Jörgen Karlsson discussed the new WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG. "We are merging our expertise in newspaper and book printing with the coating, finishing and drying technology," said Karlsson. He added: "We can now meet customer needs more flexibly and quicker. We now have the ability to provide individual print modules through to the complete equipment with developed print and finishing processes from a single source." Jörgen Karlsson underscored the stability of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG to the company's newspaper printing partners. He continued: "Even if newspaper printing goes digital in the future, we have the right technology for you."


User Meeting 2015 take place in Fribourg in order to be able to demonstrate the digital printing technologies of the technology center located there.

API Foils presented Polytype with a critical issue; several legacy DC Drive components were discountinued and API Foils would ultimately suffer down time on their machine. Polytype was able to take this concern head on by arranging a timely visit to API Foils to intergrate a new AC Drive System and also increase their current line speed. This provided an economical solution to address the critical legacy components and required less machine downtime compared to a full control system rebuild.


Joe Souders, of API Foils, commented on Polytype‘s adaptability and expertise while in the field, “The commissioning engineer was able to successfully make modifications to unanticipated items with minimal disruption to the installation schedule. The engineer worked well with API staff to address age related deficiencies with the coating line that were affecting the final drive tuning, for example the erratic tension feedback from the load cells at cooling station #2. As a team we were able to identify the cause and implement a solution while keeping commissioning schedule delays to less than half a day.“


After completion of the changeover, the air flotation through the dryer ovens has an improved sinusoidal wave form and the rewind tension control can maintain tighter tolerances. While this required adjustments to the existing machine parameters for API staff, the result is a more consistent finished product for the API distribution sites. The machine is now running with greater efficiency due to the upgrades installed by Polytype.


About Polytype
Polytype is a global supplier of coating technology and coating equipment for the surface finishing of a wide variety of flexible substrates. First and foremost, our activities are geared towards our customers and their products. As a leading technology provider in our business sector, we develop holistic solutions that meet the requirements of our customers for quality, productivity and optimized production costs. Polytype Converting AG is part of the wifag//polytype Group, which enables us to benefit from a broad technology base.


About API Foils – KS
API is a leading manufacturer and distributor of foils, films and laminates used to enhance the visual appeal of products and packaging and to help our customers communicate brand values and authenticity. API foils, films and laminates are used to add metallic and holographic finishes and effects to labels, cartons, containers and closures for many of the world’s leading consumer brands in premium sectors such as alcoholic drinks, confectionary, tobacco, perfumery, cosmetics and healthcare. API Holographics provides a full range of anti-counterfeit solutions for the protection of branded goods as well vouchers & tickets, ID documents, licenses, tax stamps, financial cards and currency. API is known for its customer service ethos, technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach to working with supply chain partners to meet the most demanding requirements of brand owners and specifiers.



Polytype America Corporation
10 Industrial Avenue
Mahwah, NJ 07430 U.S.A
Corporate Contact:
Bill Smith – Converting Manager

Polytype America and swissQprint Launch a New Generation Flatbed UV Printer to North America

15.07.2014 - Mahwah, NJ – Polytype America Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of swissQprint‘s Nyala 2 New Generation Flatbed UV Printer. It is now the largest, most productive and efficient printer in the Swiss manufacturer's product range.

The new swissQprint Nyala 2 printer is visually similar to its predecessor the Nyala, and the machine size is the same. Surprisingly, the printing table of the Nyala 2 is 25% larger than its sister model at 3.2 x 2 meters. This is where the engineering prowess of the Swiss developers is most prominent. The unit couldn't be more compact. The device can be transported in one piece, which keeps the start-up time at a minimum, and ensures the functional stability of the already robust machine. While the initial investment will be higher than that for the largest swissQprint machine so far, put into perspective, the Nyala 2 produces the lowest costs per square foot when used optimally. The Nyala 2 will be commercially available in September and will debut in the U.S. market at SGIA in Las Vegas, NV in October.


„We are proud to offer a high quality equipment solution at an affordable price to the most discerning clients in the digital printing sector,“ states Polytype America‘s President Peter Andrich. „Subsequently, as their business grows, we want to arm our clients and move them into larger, more productive equipment.“


„Polytype America is proud to introduce the swissQprint Nyala 2 UV printer to the North American market.“ states Jim Cain, Director of Sales-Digital at Polytype America, „The Nyala 2 is the perfect solution for a customer who needs the highest quality and production capability.“


About Polytype America
Polytype America Corp. (PAC) is the Polytype Group subsidiary that sells and services Polytype UV digital printers in North America. In addition, PAC exclusively sells and services swissQprint’s flatbed/roll-to-roll UV printers throughout North America. PAC also exclusively sells and services the NQ 32, a 3.2 M Hybrid UV printer and the NKM 21, a 4‘ x 8‘ flatbed/roll-to-roll UV printer sold only through our preferred dealer network. PAC provides service and support on all Polytype and partner printers.

WIFAG-Polytype makes it possible to do water-based ink-jet digital printing on aluminum and plastic substrates

08.07.2014 - Successful open house to mark the beginning of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG

A successful open house in Fribourg, Switzerland in June 2014 set WIFAG and Polytype Converting off on their joint future together under the name WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG. About 50 experts from the fields of newspaper printing, coating and converting had a chance to find out about the newly named company and its strong orientation toward R&D and customer projects. The highlight came with the premiere performance of the pilot version of the Techma-4 printing press. On this roll-to-roll system, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies gave its first-ever demonstration of digital printing with water-based ink-jet inks on plastic and aluminum foils. The technology is also suitable for printing on food packaging.


The Techma-4 supplements the already extensive machinery at the technology center in Fribourg, which industrial customers often use for testing purposes.  The digital printing line can print 680 mm wide foil and paper webs at a speed of up to 100 m/min in four colors wet-on-wet. Downstream of that is a 4.5-meter hybrid drying section (infrared with changeable wave length plus hot-air drying).


One focal point of the open house was CEO Jörgen Karlsson's presentation on WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG . Another was the lecture given by Roger Ineichen, Head of Digital Printing.  In it, he explained in detail the expanded possibilities offered by WIFAG-Polytype's own ink-jet printing technology. Lars Sommerhäuser, Head of Ink-jet Inks and Materials, presented the additional expertise in ink-jet inks and in receiving and functional layers that was added when an entire development team was transferred from Ilford.


In a tour of the facility in Fribourg, Switzerland, the open house guests saw a demonstration of the Techma-4 as well as four-color printing on plastic cups and tubes with ink-jet systems. The latter optimally combine the expertise of Polytype AG with the technology of the Digital Competence Center of the corporate group.


The "still can" production line was also shown. It produces and fills this new type of composite-foil beverage packaging that is ultra-lightweight and that cuts down on the material used. It is based on a material developed by Huhtamaki and on mechanical engineering and process technology from Polytype.


WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG and Polytype AG represent two of the four business areas of WIFAG-Polytype Holding AG. Both are headquartered in Fribourg, Switzerland.

WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG is readying an important technology for the market: water-based ink-jet printing on plastics, aluminum and paper substrates

17.06.2014 - WIFAG Maschinenfabrik AG renamed / Now with its own comprehensive in ink-jet inks and functional layers

WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG -- an internationally renowned maker of newspaper and book printing presses with a venerable history of more than 100 years -- has renamed itself. The new name WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG (based in Fribourg, Switzerland) means the company is now synonymous with customer-specific total solutions in the areas of printing, coating and converting. WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG is providing yet another forward-looking technology that promises to appeal to many sectors, namely, water-based industrial ink-jet digital printing on plastics, aluminum and paper substrates.

The new name WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG expresses the enormous breadth of the portfolio of this company, which is part of the Swiss-based wifag//polytype Group. At WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, software and automation expertise are now together under a single roof with mechanical engineering and materials know-how.

Here is what "total solutions from WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG" means:
– Mechanical engineering for printing, coating and converting machines geared exactly to what customers want;
– Conventional and digital process solutions developed in partnership with customers;
– own automation and control station technology;
– own software and ink-jet inks and primers developed in-house.

All this was made possible by the strategic purchasing of specialized companies begun in 2007 and the ongoing expansion of our existing team of experts. Polytype Converting AG will initially remain a subsidiary but is expected to be merged with WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG in early 2015. The previous WIFAG and Polytype Converting subsidiaries located in Germany, China, the United States, and elsewhere will stay unchanged.

Ink-jet printing demonstrated at open house
Jörgen Karlsson, CEO of WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, presented his company's comprehensive range of capabilities for the first time at an open house held in Fribourg, Switzerland in early June 2014. It was attended by about 50 representatives of big, well-known companies from the international newspaper, packaging and coating industries.

The new pilot version of the Techma-4 printing press was shown in operation at this open house. It can print with water-based industrial ink-jet inks on plastic films, aluminum and paper-based substrates, e.g. food packaging. Other focal points of the open house for customers were the digital printing advances developed in-house and the new Competence Center Fluid Technologies. This center came about when WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG took on a complete R&D team from Ilford.

Broad portfolio and comprehensive expertise
A wealth of additional expertise has been accumulated in recent years at the two famous companies WIFAG and Polytype Converting. Both can look back on a long tradition, the former in newspaper printing, the latter in coating and converting technology. Both stand for unsurpassed Swiss quality in mechanical engineering.

The corporate group added drying technology, inter alia, to its portfolio on acquiring a majority stake in Pagendarm (Hamburg, Germany) in 2007 and digital printing on purchasing Spühl in 2008. Sales of the Virtu line of link-fault pass-through (LFP) machines had been largely discontinued. Nonetheless, the experts from Spühl formed the core for the new Digital Competence Center of the wifag//polytype Group, which opened up whole new possibilities to the entire corporate group. The Automation Competence Center has a similar story. There, the expertise of WIFAG and Solna (taken over in 2011) was recently supplemented by the addition of a team that had previously worked for EAE in Ahrensburg.

Other technology innovators emphasize PR and announcements whereas WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG does not. Jörgen Karlsson: "We have no song-and-dance shows at WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG." WIFAG and Polytype Converting have made great strides in advancing industrial digital printing. The Swiss printing and coating experts are probably the first to have gotten water-based ink-jet digital printing ready for the market, a technology that is also suitable for food packaging. WPT is currently working jointly with two different customers on solutions for printing on aluminum foil and on a total solution for printing on paper-based substrates. The latter is intended to replace a conventional intaglio printing process in this product segment soon.

In early 2014, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG took a final crucial step for guiding these projects to a successful close. It was at that time it took over the ten-person R&D team from Ilford Imaging, a Swiss company that had become insolvent. Lars Sommerhäuser and his team brought expertise in ink-jet inks, primer solutions and functional layers to WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG. The Swiss technology company can now offer precisely matched solutions without having to rely on outside ink experts, for example.

Customer projects and OEM partnerships
Besides these key developmental partnerships in coating and printing, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG is of course already a successful supplier of OEM technology in its own right. For instance WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG provides the "digital engine" for the dmax digital off-line varnishing system from the Swiss manufacturer Steinemann.

In addition, WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG makes available digital printing technology for the other companies in the wifag//polytype Group. As a result, Polytype AG has already been able to provide customers with the first digital printing machines for printing on plastic cups.


wifag//polytype Group now with four business areas
With newspaper printing and coating technology under a single roof at WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG, the wifag//polytype Group now comprises four business areas:
– WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG
– Polytype AG (machinery for printing on cups and tubes)
– Mall Herlan GmbH (machinery for producing printed metal bottles and cans)
– Wifac BV (trading company for graphical products).

WIFAG-Polytype Holding AG (Fribourg, Switzerland) is the holding company and is fully owned by the Ursula-Wirz-Stiftung.


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Gannett Trusts in the Retrofit Expertise of wifag//polytype

10.06.2014 - Rotary printing press in Shreveport, Louisiana to be modernized

Fribourg, Switzerland – June 20, 2014 - Gannett, one of the leading US media companies, puts its trust in the retrofit expertise of the wifag//polytype Group. Gannett Publishing Services, a subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. , recently contracted //wifag to modernize a //wifag OF790 offset rotary press in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The machine upgrades under this contract will help significantly reduce waste quantities and setup times.

Along with the installation of four new //wifag control consoles, the retrofit contract covers the modernization of six autopasters, improvements in web threading and some new drives and control electronics. The new control consoles will feature the production planning system EAE Print, among other things.

The work is being carried out by automation experts from //wifag (Fribourg, Switzerland) and their US subsidiary Polytype America Corp. (Mahwah, New Jersey). It is slated to start in June and should be finished by the end of October 2014.

The line of printing presses was originally part of a larger production plant put into operation at Ringier in Switzerland in 1991. It was dismantled in 2008 by the Dutch company GWS and reconfigured for a new installation. The //wifag OF790 went back on line in Shreveport in 2010. It was only the third rotary press in Berliner format for the US market.

"The Times" printing plant in Shreveport is one of 43 printing and further processing facilities operated by Gannett Publishing Services. "The Times" has a circulation of about 35,000 (Mon – Sat) and 50,000 on Sunday (2012 figures).

Open House 2014: OMV is back!

05.06.2014 - OMV celebrated in April its joining the Polytype group with the launch of its F37 Cup Thermoformer in Verona. Customers and friends from all the world came to catch up with the latest developments, listen to updates on T-IML, new materials, barrier technology and ancillary equipment… above all, to enjoy the party!

The event focused on the market launch of F37, OMV’s new medium/high capacity cup thermoformer.

In line with OMV’s tradition, F37 is an In-Mould-Trimming machine featuring excellent productivity combined with low total cost of ownership.

An in-built rim-rolling device allows smart handling of the product, considerably reducing capital expenditure.

But the biggest news is where F37 breaks from the tradition: Its compatibility with base tools of the most diffused models in the market, including the competitors’.

A full, in-line system made of an F37 thermoformer, a D120 extruder and a D80 co-extruder was demonstrated, running “full-steam” during the 3-days event in Verona. Demos where also run on an offline F33, a flexible, medium-capacity in-mould trimming cup thermoformer.

Customers where delighted to see how easily OMV machines are started in operation and handled.

Several moulds designed and built by OMV were also exhibited, showcasing the company’s know-how in providing solutions for innovative packaging.

The whole programme was made even more enthralling by the co-sponsors’ presentations:

  •  the guest speaker Mr. S.K. Chin of Creapack explored at length several case studies of successful shifting of packaging from metal and glass to plastics;
  •  Avantium/YXY introduced its revolutionary PEF bio-plastic, whose applications in thermoforming are developed in exclusive partnership with Polytype//OMV;
  •  Polytype presented its full range of cup & lid printing machines, with emphasis on its Polyflex and on the revolutionary Digital Printing Technology
  •  Scanfill introduced its high-mineral PP- and PS-compounds
  •  ABB, Greenbox and Tria offered insights on the gamut of their products for the thermoforming industry

The kermesse was opened by a show, starting as a “night at the movies” with a short clip about OMV’s past and future and continued with live dances on the theme of “Machines”, where the F37’s performed as a huge drummer, beating at the music’s rhythm!

Guests greatly appreciated the city and wine cellar tours offered by OMV, thus combining business with leisure and fine food & wine tasting.

A final gala dinner at a Villa of the Renaissance Age duly concluded the celebrations, made precious by a small concert featuring famous opera arias, to honour Verona’s heritage as one of the most famous stages of “Bel Canto”.

Though the accent was on F37, the underlying theme of the event was all about OMV’s people: strengthened through hardships, each of them regards his work much more highly than “just a job”.

OMV’s workers put their heart into what they do, every day, and look forward to show the world what they can do:

"  For his heart was in his work, and the heart

   giveth grace unto every Art.  "

               (H. Wadsworth Longfellow, The Building of the Ship)

Roger Schmidt (left) and Peter Ruth

Roger Schmidt is the new Managing Director of Mall+Herlan GmbH

28.05.2014 - Pfinztal, 27 May 2014 - Effective as of 1 July 2014, Mr. Roger Schmidt (46) will take over the management of the Business Unit Metal Packaging of the Swiss Wifag-Polytype group and, in this function, will also be Managing Director of Mall + Herlan GmbH. The Mall + Herlan Group, a subsidiary of Wifag-Polytype, is the leading solution provider of process technology and complete production lines for the manufacture of one-piece aerosol cans, tubes and bottles made of aluminium and steel for personal care, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages as well as home care + technology products.

"We are pleased that we have found in Roger Schmidt such an experienced and capable manager with process expertise", said Peter Ruth, CEO of the Wifag-Polytype group. "With his nomination, the Mall + Herlan group has become strengthened with a proven expert for process systems and surface treatment, to increase the lead of Mall + Herlan production systems through the further integration of lines and process expertise".

Mr. Roger Schmidt graduated in Precision Engineering/Mechatronics with a major in automation engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen. Through his career at various German plant manufacturers, he has accumulated a tremendous amount of expertise in the field of bending, stamping and forming technology. From his previous position as Division Head of a leading system supplier of surface and conveyor systems as well as material-flow-automation for the automotive industry and special applications, Mr. Schmidt brings many years of broad commercial and technical experience in project business for highly productive equipment with global customers.

The Mall + Herlan group, based in Pfinztal, Germany and with three other locations in Neuhausen, Germany, Pfyn, Switzerland and Seriate, Italy, employs 250 people. Mall + Herlan is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Swiss group of companies Wifag-Polytype. Wifag-Polytype group offers total system solutions (machinery and processes technology) for the manufacture of one-piece metal containers, such as aluminium cans/tubes and steel cans, plastic containers, such as extruded/laminated tubes and deep-drawn cups and bowls and digital printing/coating solutions for plastic, paper and aluminium foil. With approximately 1,200 employees, Wifag-Polytype is active worldwide with sales, service and production sites.



wifag//polytype strengthens its Expertise in Ink-jet Inks and Functional Layers

08.05.2014 - Lars Sommerhäuser, former COO of Ilford, switches to the wifag//polytype Group with an entire team of chemists, laboratory technicians and process engineers

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wifag//polytype strengthens its presence in the German market and expands its automation and retrofitting activities

17.04.2014 - A new competence center for automation and retrofitting at the company's location in Hamburg

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Set up time cut by half, waste rate brought down

29.01.2014 - How do you improve your printing process? How do you lower your costs? How do you train your operators in a company that produces 24/7? Rick Franko from EXAL asked Cees Hoogeboom from Wifac in The Netherlands to give a basic training. “A job well done.”

EXAL, based in Youngstown, Ohio, produces impact extruded containers, C2C: coil-to-can, piston cans, bag-on-valve containers, lining materials and contract manufacturing. The company is active on different markets. The most important ones: personal care, food, beverage, home care, pharmaceutical, industrial and automotive and specialty packaging. These wide scope of markets have one thing in common: they go for the best quality around.

Skilled professionals
Under the motto ‘Innovation at work’ EXAL reaches for the best performance in terms of quality and costs. The man who is responsible to achieve the highest printing standards is Lithography Department Manager Rick Franko and his staff.
“The graphic quality from our products is vital to our customers. The design must seduce the consumer. In order to do so the lithography has to be impeccable. We use an off line press for approval proofing and special inks. We are a fast growing, relatively young company. Some of our operators are quite inexperienced. On our production lines six of the letter presses are built by wifag//polytype from Switzerland. Excellent presses; but to get the maximum result they have to be operated by skilled professionals.”

Understand the process
Franko asked wifag//polytype for an advice how to improve the knowledge and skills of his workforce. “They came up with Wifac from the Netherlands; the Wifac Competence Center (WCC) to be precise. They told me Wifac WCC has a long history in prepress, offset, packaging and new digital markets. They cover a lot of ground. Beginning with the start of the printing process – the plate making – up to the finished products. One of the technical educators from Wifac is Cees Hoogeboom. I asked him to set up a basic training for our 64 lithography operators: press set-up, graphics, screen work, dot gain, imaging, ink. On a higher level the purpose is to understand the total process.”
For one week Hoogeboom reached most of the operators. The training he set up included some theory and a lot of practical tips and advises.
“There was definitely a click between Cees and our lithographers. Cees has the knowledge, but is also capable to really communicate well with them,” says Franko.

Brings out the best
Of course a company like EXAL wants to be more specific than ‘better quality’ or ‘lesser costs’. “Due to the training we reduced set up times and were able to get a quick start with the production. The set up time for a press was 2,5 to 3 hours. We cut that by half. The scrap rate was brought down by 2,5 percent. I won’t go into details, but this is serious money. The secret to get such a performance is to work with the lithographers. They have a lot of great ideas themselves how to improve their work. It’s not something you invent behind a desk. The more knowledge they possess, the better. Not only for the company, but also for themselves. It brings out the best in them. The knowledge is growing, and there for the motivation and enthusiasm for their work.”
“We are constantly striving to do better. EXAL wants to be a World Class Manufacturing company. We use Kaizen techniques and go for lean and mean. For the lithography department we’re working on an education plan for next year. One of the elements to improve our quality even further are more advanced classes. We will be looking at the use of densitometers and knowledge of ink behavior in the press. We probably will ask Cees to come back. The evaluation sheets speaks for themselves. I totally agree with one of the operators who wrote: to be short, a job well done.”

Rick Franko: “The set up time for a press was 2,5 to 3 hours. We cut that by half. The wast rate was brought down by 2,5 percent.”

Rick Franko

Rick Franko is EXAL’s Lithography Department Manager in Youngstown. After a career in an offset print shop, he joined the company in march 1994. He started off as a lithography operator to became a lithography specialist and production manager. He pursued other challenges within EXAL, but came back 1,5 year ago to the lithography department. Rick is the manager of 64 lithography operators. They produce in two shifts 24 hours, 7 days per week.

The EXAL Group
The EXAL Group is the largest manufacturer of impact extruded aluminum containers in the world. While the company has reached its global leadership position in a relatively short period of time, the business had a very modest beginning. From the onset the organization was driven by a commitment to be the very best.
EXAL Corporation was founded in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1993 by Delfin Gibert. The goal was to bring state-of-the-art impact extruded aluminum container manufacturing technology to North America. At that time, there was a growing demand for a new source of high quality, high value, competitively priced impact extruded containers. Today, EXAL North America is the largest impact extruded container manufacturer in the region with 16 production lines housed in two buildings, totaling almost 500,000 square feet of manufacturing area. There are two manufacturing locations: Youngstown, Ohio, United States and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Youngstown campus is also home to EXAL’s lightweight aluminum coil manufacturing technology known as Coil-to-Can or C2C. EXAL operates under the leadership of President and CEO Mike Hoffman.

Linearis Multi-Decoration Machine awarded by the North American Tube Council

09.12.2013 - //polytype is proud to announce that the capability of its state-of-the-art Linearis multi-decoration machine led to the distinction by the North American Tube Council (www.tube.org) for “Best Innovative Component or Process” of 2013.

//polytype is proud to announce that the capability of its state-of-the-art LinearisTM multi-decoration machine led to the distinction by the North American Tube Council (www.tube.org) for “Best Innovative Component or Process” of 2013.

The selected “Metallic Rose” tube takes full advantage of LinearisTM unique capabilities combining hot stamping, flexographic printing, screen-printing and varnishing all in one single machine. These features open a vast range of new possibilities in the design and manufacturing of polyethylene tubes, eliminating the need to use labels or excessive handling between off-line machines.

“This award reinforces our belief that the future belongs to multi-decoration systems” says Alain Berset, CEO of Polytype. “Freedom in design, eliminating work-in-process, reducing labor and floorspace as well as the possibility to perform quick changeovers are key for sustainable manufacturing environments. And this is exactly what our LinearisTM is about.”

Since its market launch 18 month ago, LinearisTM has found a high level of interest in the plastic tube industry worldwide and already represents a considerable share of //polytype Business Unit Plastic Tubes’ sales.

Competence in Research and Development will be strengthened

28.11.2013 - //polytype Converting AG (Fribourg, Switzerland), the leading manufacturer of high-end coating and laminating systems, has now set the direction within the Group for the market offensive it launched in September 2013: It intends to set up production to be more flexible so the multifaceted portfolio of solutions can be implemented worldwide. And production has to move closer to the markets.

Strategic alliances and cooperation arrangements will be given a different priority in the future and competence in research and development will be strengthened at the core facilities in Fribourg, Switzerland and Hamburg, Germany.

The two inter-group Digital Competence Center and Automation Competence Center are already operating with great success and have allowed developmental engineers in Fribourg to provide forward-looking and innovative printing and coating solutions to all business areas of the wifag//polytype Group. //polytype also runs a large test center in Fribourg for coating and lamination, which naturally has a digital production line as well. The quality and excellent reputation of the //polytype systems are based not least on this intensive R&D activity.

In addition, more priority than ever is being given to sales, customer-based development and project management plus service and after-sales activities in Fribourg and Hamburg. With the restructuring of tasks within the internationally operating //polytype Converting AG, production steps will be shifted away from the facility in western Switzerland. That might result in personnel cuts in the months ahead in Fribourg. The extent of these cuts is expected to be in the low double-digit range but will depend on the markets in which //polytype is successful with its expanded portfolio.

However, there is no credence at all to the announcement by the Swiss union Employés Suisse that the entire Fribourg facility of //polytype Converting AG is endangered. The union has since explicitly apologized for misinforming the public with this story, which was also picked up by several media.

In an interview with a trade journal in late November, the CEO of //polytype Converting AG, Jörgen Karlsson, clarified that the company would stand by the facilities in Fribourg and in Hamburg: "Our most important assets are our employees and we have a very good and experienced team in Fribourg and in Hamburg."




Polytype America Introduces the new Polytype NQ32 3.2 Meter 3‐in‐1 UV Production Printer

24.10.2013 - October 23, 2013, Orlando, FL – Polytype America Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of the NQ32 3‐in‐1 Grand Format UV printer to the North American and World markets. The NQ 32 will debut at the SGIA Show in Orlando Florida on October 23‐25, 2013. The NQ32 is a patent pending 3.2 Meter combination flatbed/roll‐to‐roll printer giving you the ultimate in printing flexibility.

„The NQ 32 solution fills a market void that offers few alternatives in the 40‐80 boards per hour
market“ states Polytype America‘s President, Peter Andrich. „The NQ 32 focuses on excellent
quality at high speed laid down through droplets of 10pl to 30pl full grayscale.“

„Polytype America is proud to introduce the NQ32 3‐in‐1 UV printer to the North American and
Worldwide market at SGIA.“ states Jim Cain, Director of Sales‐Digital at Polytype America, „The
NQ 32 is the newest in leading edge Grand Format printing technology offering the latest in
print head technology , leading edge color technology and true production speed.“ „The NQ 32
will be available directly through Polytype America in the North American market and through
our preferred dealer network worldwide.“

About Polytype America
Polytype America Corp. (PAC) is the Polytype Group company that sells and services Polytype
UV digital printers in North America. In addition, PAC exclusively sells and services directly
swissQprint’s flatbed/roll‐to‐roll UV printers throughout North America. PAC also exclusively
and sells and services the Jetrix 2030, a 6.5‘ x 10‘ flatbed/roll‐to‐roll UV printer only through our
preferred dealer network. PAC provides service and support on all Polytype and partner printers.

James Cain, Director of Sales – Digital
Phone: 201‐962‐959414:23 24.10.2013
Email: JC@remove-this.polytypeamerica.com



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