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mall//herlan's customer Moravia Cans wins the Can of the Year award

31.10.2017 - Unilever's new Dove Organza can, which hit the shelves one year ago, is the first of its kind and demonstrates that it is possible to manufacture DWI monoblock cans on an industrial scale—thanks to the technology and high quality machines of mall//herlan. Industry experts are very much impressed by this achievement: for its new DWI can, mall//herlan's customer Moravia Cans got three awards from Canmaker magazine during the recent Canmaker Summit in Scotland––including the top prize, the prestigious "Can of The Year 2017" Award.

For its "Dove Organza" DWI monobloc aluminium aerosol can Czech manufacturer Moravia Cans has won the prestigious "Can of the Year Award" (left to right): Ezio Foresti (mall//herlan), George Novak (Moravia Cans), Allan Sayers (The Canmaker magazine) and Martin Boaler (Moravia Cans).


The newly developed can was also awarded as the best Aerosol Can of the Year ("Gold" in the respective category) and winner for sustainability––saving more 20 % raw material. While containing 150 ml antiperspirant, the can is weighing just 18 grams. Because it also uses the same aluminium alloys as in beverage cans, the Dove DWI can have higher recycled content.


The Canmaker magazine’s Can of the Year awards for 2017 were presented during a gala dinner at The Canmaker Summit held at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. It is the first time since the Cans of the Year were first presented in 1996 that an aerosol can has won the overall award.


mall//herlan’s Hi-Flex production line transfers technology from the beverage can industry into the aerosol can business. Aluminium or steel coil is fed to a cupper where cups are punched out at a rate of between 200 and 600 per minute depending on the tooling. The cups are then redrawn and ironed to length in a bodymaker, after which they are washed, decorated, necked and shaped.


The three Canmaker magazine’s Can of the Year awards for 2017 that have been awarded to Moravia Cans:



WINNER: Moravia Cans, Czech Republic
DWI aluminium aerosol can for Unilever; Dove antiperspirant


Gold: Moravia Cans, Czech Republic
DWI aluminium can for Unilever; Dove antiperspirant


Moravia Cans, Czech Republic
DWI aluminium aerosol can for Unilever; Dove antiperspirant