The wifag//polytype products

The wifag//polytype products stand for high precision, good engineering and creative developments. We serve top-end markets with highest performance requirements as well as cost-effective solutions from our manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia and the US.

If you are looking for aerosol and beverage metal container lines, plastic and collapsible tube lines, plastic cup decoration, you will find the appropriate machinery and complete lines under the //polytype brand for plastic and mall//herlan brand for metal-based containers.

The well-known machinery of //wifag will certainly be your first choice in newspaper and book printing.

If you want to go digital, contact //polytype. We offer systems which print in multi pass or single pass modes for a wide range of rigid materials such as glass, wood, plastics as well as flexible substrates such as paper, plastic films and woven/non-woven fabrics.