Experience in machinery sales

Siegfried Christ
Sales Director, Mall + Herlan Germany
Phone direct +49 721 946 01 10
Mobile +49 160 9017 19 54
Fax +49 721 946 01 99

Ezio Foresti
Commercial Managing Director, Mall + Herlan Italy
Necking Technology
Mobile +39 349 585 63 02


Kindly tell us your requirements: 

  • type of metal packaging you would like to produce?
    made by IE (aluminium cans, bottles or tubes) or DWI process (aluminium cans and bottles or steel cans), please also refer to the point Products of our website
  • type of product to be packed?
    please also refer to the point References of our website 

We will do our utmost to provide the most suitable machinery for your packaging solution.