• Plastic Containers

    Decoration systems for plastic containers in (almost) all shapes and sizes – flexible and innovative.

  • Plastic Containers

    Decoration systems for plastic containers in (almost) all shapes and sizes – flexible and innovative.

Clay Oliff

//polytype Switzerland names new CEO at Polytype America Corp.: Clay Oliff

08.01.2018 - Fribourg / Switzerland – //polytype, the worldwide leader for the manufacturing of machine systems for the decoration and printing of plastic cups, lids, tubes and sleeves as well as tube finishing and thermoforming, is pleased to announce the appointment of Clay Oliff as new CEO of Polytype America Corp. in Mahwah NJ / USA. With Clay Oliff as the new CEO and his strong background in the industry, //polytype is set for a new innovative course. Clay Oliff will develop the company structure and continues to lead the American sales.

Clay Oliff is the President / CEO at Polytype America Corporation, with responsibility for the sales, service and support of customers using thermoforming and decorating equipment being deployed in the rigid plastic container markets in North America. Joining Polytype America in 2012 as the Director of Sales, he spent the first six years focusing on growing market share and introducing new technologies from //polytype and //polytype OMV. Prior to joining Polytype America, he spent over 30 years in the commercial printing industry in various positions from operational to senior management, ultimately forging his path to technical sales positions for manufacturers and suppliers. Taking the lead of Polytype America Corp., Clay Oliff’s mission will include improving the sales and customer services from America.


“My mission at //polytype is to take the company to the next level with a customer centric approach. We operate in an dynamic market that requires our constant attention to the changing needs of our customers and our ability to respond and accelerate solutions are crucial,” says Clay Oliff.


Talking about the appointment of Clay Oliff, Alain Berset (CEO of //polytype) says; “we are thrilled to welcome Clay Oliff as new CEO of Polytype America Corp. His expertise in Sales and Management will be instrumental in the development of improved services for //polytype customers and partners in America.”


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact //polytype.

Introducing: RM77 “REVOLVER” Thermoformer

20.09.2016 - OMV proudly introduces its RM77 “REVOLVER” Thermoformer

The RM77 is a brand new concept: a fully automatic, in-mould trimming thermoforming machine, as any OMV former, designed to produce heavy or light plastic cup and tubs… but with a special “twist” in it.

RM stands for Revolving Mold.
The machine’s tools are made of three semi-molds, a female and two males, placed on the same vertical axis. The female half operates at full cycle speed (start position to end position and back), while the two male halves complete their cycle every two cycles of the female half. The formed material remains in the cavity for an additional cycle, which improves part quality, while having two cavity sets allows for the increase in production speed. Featuring a single delivery point, OMV integrated a simple stacking and part-handling system into the new machine.

RM77 features both a large forming area and a very high cycle speed. It is designed to reach world-record 174,000 cups per hour when producing Ø71 mm PP drinking cups This is the first machine to break the barrier of 50 cycles per minute with PP cups, a major step forward in thermoforming technology.




The machine can process a wide range of materials, such as PS, PP, PLA, PET and multilayer sheet. It is mainly intended for the production of a vast range of tapered cups and tubs, round and square, but it is excellent for thermoforming of high-precision PP deep objects at very high output.

The forming area of RM77 is 770× 480 mm, its cutting force is 57 tons. It can fit 51 cavities on a Ø70.6 mm PP drinking cup, with an effective speed upto 57 strokes/min.

The mould movement is driven through a torque motor. All the other movements (index, cutting, stacking) are controlled through a set of servomotors driven by an axis control system and a PLC. The system is designed for top performances in terms of speed, precision, safety.
The machine is equipped with a quick mould changing system, fast air/water connections and a quick mould exit from the forming/cutting station (less than 6 hours for a complete mould change-over, from stop to restart).

About OMV:

OMV Machinery, founded in 1963, is today part of the Swiss group Wifag-Polytype. Located in Verona, Italy, it designs and manufactures thermoforming machines, moulds, extrusion lines and different types of automations.

OMV presents itself as a worldwide leader in the thermoforming sector, with the unique feature of being a “one-stop-shop for Process and Technology”, taking full responsibility on complete lines and “tailor made” solutions.

OMV offers flexible solutions, high quality standards, and high technical concepts. Its “cutting edge” developments resulted in dozens of international patents.

Among these, OMV stands out today for:

  • T-IML: Thermoformed In Mould Labelling systems
  • Shuttle forming machines
  • Joint development of the new PEF bioplastic, in cooperation with Avantium/YXY (NL)

With the addition of OMV to its know-how and competence portfolio, Polytype can offer today complete solutions for thin-wall plastic processing from the raw material till the formed and printed container.

poly//topics 03 / 2015

14.08.2015 - Please download the latest edition of the //polytype customer magazine “polytopics 03 / 2015”.

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