Polytype - the First Choice in Decoration

Dry offset technology
Polytype has nearly 100 years of experience in dry offset printing technology and is a leading company in the sector. 
Dry offset is an indirect letterpress printing process in which we print all colors wet-on-wet onto a rubber blanket. We assemble the complete image on this rubber blanket. The final image is then transferred to the tube/sleeve.

Waterless offset (Toray)
This technology is similar to dry offset technology, the main difference being the printing plates. These printing plates are silicon based. The dry offset printing plates are nylon based.

Flexo printing
Polytype offers the alternative of wet-on-dry printing technology on tubes/sleeves. This is the most common technology in printing paper/labels.
This is a pure letterpress printing technology with between color UV drying of the ink.
On the Linearis machine it is possible to decorate tubes or sleeves with flexo printing technology using up to 12 colors, resulting in a wide range of possibilities.

Screen printing
With rotary screen technology, Polytype enables high validated designs in a productive manner. With this technology we can run production on our Linearis machine at a speed of 120/min.

Hot-/cold stamping
Both hot and cold stamping technology are available on the Linearis machine. This option permits a wide range of possibilities in terms of metallic effect decoration with quality and productivity.

Polytype is also working on the development of digital printing on plastic tubes. Our goal is to achieve a stable level of quality with this printing technology, satisfying expectations in the cosmetic industry.

Laminate tube manufacturing