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Polytype SA

26, route de la Glâne
1701 Fribourg

Northamerica / Mexico:

Polytype America Corp.

600 Ryerson Road
Unit M
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035/USA

Phone +1 201 995 1000
Fax +1 201 995 1080


Polytype Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

Wellgrow Industrial Estate
77 Moo 9, Bangna- Trad Road
T. Bangwua, A. Bangpakong
Chachoengsao 24180

Phone: +66 38 98 90 45
Fax: +66 38 98 90 55



Wifag-Polytype India
Marketing Private Ltd.

304, IIIrd Floor, Tower A, A-40
The Ithum, Sector 62,
Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh

Digital Technologies





Variable Data

  • Printing variable data "each cup can be different"
  • Individualisation and personalization for marketing opportunities

Print Quality

  • Extremely high pring quality comparable to IML / Sleeve / Label decorating
  • Flexibility in selection of the print design
  • Print form the lip to the bottom of the cup
  • White available for clear and colores containers
  • Glossy effect


  • Changeover times reduced to near zero
  • Printing of single cup production and long production runs on same machine
  • Cost-effective for small batches
  • Increase of production output
  • Signifacant reduction of startup and running waste

Ease to use

  • Reduction of process steps
  • Only 5 inks to handle (CYMK and white)
  • Consistent print quality from beginning to end
  • Quality not dependent on operator skill

Specification of DigiRound:
Product range

  • Diameter min: 50 mm
  • Diameter max. 130 mm (5'')
  • Minimum Height: 35 mm
  • Maximum Height: 200 mm
  • Taper: 2° - 10°
  • Maximum print height: 140 mm
  • Output speed up to 250 cups/min

Technical data:

  • Min./max. cup height: 35 - 160 mm
  • Min./max. rim diameter: 60 - 160 mm
  • Max. printing width: 145mm
  • Max. printing length  6/3 sections: 362/502 mm
  • Min. / max. taper: 2-10°
  • Max. printing speed: 27,000 / h
  • Weight of main machine: ~5,000 kg 

Standard options: 

  • Layout with in-feed elevator
  • Second application roller for inking unit
  • Analog display of the printing unit angle position
  • Pre-print system for transparent cups


The universal digital printing machine for flat surfaces


The ink-jet printing machine has a linear structure and is divided up into three sections. The first section is comprised of the infeed table with surface pretreatment. The second section is fitted with a printing station for white base printing and curing, followed by the four-color (CYMK) printing station. The third section is used for UV curing and delivering the finished product. Suitable for packaging, components, toys and much more… with a flat surface to print on!

Machine Profile

  • Production speed up to: 100 /min *
  • Product lengths (min./max.): 50 mm / 325 mm
  • Product width (min./max.): 50 mm / 280 mm
  • Product height (min./max.): 10 mm / 75 mm
  • Printing width up to: 140 mm
  • Colours 1 + 4: White + Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black
  • Materials: PS, PP and PC

* @ max. dimension / multiple use are possible  



  • For fast design changes and a photorealistic decoration
  • Highly reliable printing machine with high level of productivity
  • Cost-efficient for small and middle size batches
  • All around service from one hand

Specification of DigiCan

Product range

  • ∅ min.: 35 mm
  • ∅ max.: 66 mm
  • Minimum Height: 50 mm
  • Maximum Height: 215 mm
  • Maximum print height up to: 210 mm
  • Output speed up to 120 cans/min

OEM Equipment

OEM Business

OEM Business

Industry proven equipment for OEM customers

CALMAR is our own digital printing technology. We use it in the printers we build, and we sell it to OEM partners.


  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Industry approved

Powerful hardware for powerful machines

State-of-art electronics featuring the latest industrial technologies provide the necessary performance to build great machines for today and tomorrow.

Hardware for major industrial printhead suppliers like KonicaMinolta, Ricoh, Xaar and Kyocera is available today.


  • Gigabit Ethernet uplink
  • Realtime industrial Ethernet fieldbus
  • Up to 4GB onboard RAM
  • Hardware accelerated image processing

Realtime communiation for maximum control Calmar electronics features an industrial Ethernet fieldbus interface, which allows integrating the print system easily into conventional PLC systems. Interfacing the print system with any kind of equipment like encoders, print mark sensors or motors becomes a standard automation task. The communication is based on industrial standards; it is fast, reliable and deterministic. This opens the door for innovative solutions. Features Open code Realtime synchronization with 100ns precision Interfaces to most industrial bus systems and protocols available

Custom engineered industrial solutions


  • UV Ink
  • Waterbased ink
  • Recirculating systems

Modular software for industrial machines

Intuitive digital frontend software for job management and print system maintenance. Powerful image server to enable standard, multipage and full variable printing. Hotfolder and JDF interface to most industrial prepress systems.

Technical Data

  • State-of-art software
  • Variable Data


Direct-to-shape printing

Printing directly to shapes or objects like cups, bottle caps, smartphone covers, etc. offers many opportunities:

  • No label stock required
  • Freedom to decorate uneven surfaces
  • Inline object decoration

Our Calmar technology includes a range of features to provide optimal support for DTS applications:

  • Image correction for time of flight errors
  • Image correction for conical surfaces
  • On-the-fly correction for variable data printing


Industrial printing

Industrial printing is the concept of treating printing as a manufacturing process. The goal of this process can be to decorate or enhance the appearance of a product, or it can also be purely functional.


wifag//polytype CALMAR contains software and electronic components that are needed to create a printed image on the substrate from a e.g. pdf file.

Our wifag//polytype CALMAR inkjet printing system hereby comprises the following main components

  • Data processing software
  • Network technology
  • Print head electronic system and ink supply
  • PLC interfaces to integrate the ink jet technology in your existing or new machines and systems wifag
  • polytype CALMAR is a complete solution for your ink jet printing system.It manages the complex interaction of the software with the electronic system as well as the ink with the substrate.

Customer Service


Besides selling the Calmar hardware there is also a dedicated engineering team to support OEM customers with their projects.

The offered services include:

  • Inkjet technology consulting
  • Software customization
  • PLC engineering