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New CMX line


New CMX line - 250 cans per Minute production speed

The Impact Extrusion line of mall//herlan combines the complete technology to produce monoblock aerosol cans or bottles. The line consists of three modules: In the front-end the cylinder is formed and trimmed, lacquers and the print artworks are applied in the decoration area in the centre, and in the backend necking and shaping customises the can. Depending on the can design the lines have been limited to a speed of max. 200 cpm up to now.

The new CMX Impact Extrusion Line of mall//herlan with a production speed of 250cpm exceeds this limit. The machine technology to produce shaped aerosol cans at this speed is unrivalled worldwide.

The increase of speed and output of about 25% has been made possible for example by new transfer units and the optimisation of infeed drums in the front-end and decoration area. Even the production of shaped cans is possible at a speed of 250 cpm with our 40 station necker.

A valuable side effect of the new designed line is a smaller machine width and the possibility to deactivate the vacuum transfer for a lot of can designs to save energy.

We are more than happy to invite you to see the new trimming machine MHBx with a production speed of 250 cpm at our site in Pfinztal and to give you an impression of mall//herlan’s expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and manufacturing of machines. Just get in contact with us.