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Ercan Polat

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Monoblock Aerosol Steel Cans


Monoblock Aerosol Steel Cans
More and more brand owners are looking for an alternative to a 2 or 3 piece steel can, for better differentiation and to lower the risk of leakages and corrosion. //xtracan will produce steel cans with a diameter of 66 mm for filling capacities of 300 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml and customized 360° printing design.

Other can measures are possible on request.

Please get in contact with us.

More information concerning the production process you can find here.


  • Production of the can is done in one process including printing
  • Shorter production run lengths are possible with simplified inventory management and improved lead times
  • Aesthetically pleasing optics of the can as the print can be done until the curl of the can and 360° print design with no need for orientation
  • Improved pressure retention capability
  • Minimal risk of corrosion of the can in wet rooms or areas with high humidity and high temperatures
  • Minimal risk of corrosion of the inside of the can for water based products, because of no seam and no welding
  • Sustainable, as recycled steel can also be used
  • Different shoulder types possible