SERVICE, defined by “an act of helpful activity”

Driving your success on the long run is our aim. We strive to provide the best possible service to you at the best possible cost, beyond the machinery package supplied. It is all about:

Quality, Consistency, Uptime, Productivity and Innovation.

Customer Service

Customer Service

The life cycle of our machines is already long by itself. Nevertheless, a spare part or a complete assembled spare parts group may need to be replaced after some time. Our spare parts documentation and archives comprise nearly half a million spares. We select them carefully with the main focus on quality since reliability and precision are key factors to our products. Even spares are available for machines supplied decades ago.

But it is not only about availability; it is also about smart logistics. Our customer service team is at your disposal in any situation however extreme it may be – wherever you may need our parts world-wide. We will do our utmost to assist you as fast and flexible as possible.

Technical Service

Regular line/machine maintenance and inspection serve money as machine failures are reduced and production output is increased. Qualified personnel training is one of the keys to production efficiency. Our technical service team provides long-year know-how and expertise in machinery and production process and is at your disposal in any situation however extreme it may be – wherever you may need them world-wide for technical support or training programmes. You may rely on our experts; they will react as fast and flexible as possible.

By implementing up-grade and retrofit kits production flow is optimized. Smart spare parts packages available in your warehouse reduce downtimes. Our service team will be pleased to visit you on site to find the most suitable technical solution to the benefit of your specific machinery and production plans.

Technical Service


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Your orders are handled on the following legal basis:

General data protection information for customers

General terms and conditions of delivery and service for the purchase of spare parts, assembled spare parts groups or tooling

General terms and conditions of service for assembly/repair/inspection

Allgemeine Liefer- und Leistungsbedingungen für den Kauf von Ersatzteilen, Baugruppen oder Tooling

Allgemeine Leistungsbedingungen Montage/Reparatur/Inspektionen